Pharm Nutricia is a wellness centre that takes care of stress management, pain management, overweight issues, headache, tired, bloated, cough, nausea, and allergy. We help you to maintain optimum health and promote healthy behaviours.

The use of alternative medicine approach to health and wellness has grown within care settings across the world. Researchers are exploring the potential benefits of highly active micronutrients in a variety of health situations.

Our wellness remedy will lead you to healthy life. 

“Your health is your true wealth “



Dato Mervin Paul
Co- Founder & CEO
Pharm Nutricia Wellness Centre

Dato Mervin Paul is the co- founder and CEO of Pharm Nutricia wellness centre. To further the advancement of a healthy world through alternative medication, he determines the best options for treatment of chronic illness and diseases.

Datin Angeline Thobias
PPharm Nutricia Wellness Centre