Pharm Nutricia is a wellness centre that takes care of stress management, pain management, overweight issues, headache, tired, bloated, cough, nausea, and allergy. We help you to maintain optimum health and promote healthy behaviours.

The use of alternative medicine approach to health and wellness has grown within care settings across the world. Researchers are exploring the potential benefits of highly active micronutrients in a variety of health situations.

Our wellness remedy will lead you to healthy life. 

“Your health is your true wealth “

Pharm Nutricia believes that a good and right diet can boost health and prevent illness. The right diet is one which supplies the full spectrum of nutrients and bio-chemicals in the optimal amounts throughout our lives. Only when all the needed nutrients are supplied in full and continuously can the body repair, restore metabolic oxidative damages and maintain a high efficiency defense system against invading bacteria and viruses. It also surpresses the development of cancer.

Over here, we have a system to prevent or repair and restore oxidative damage, which is the damage caused by free oxygen radicals that are created by the body especially during the creation of energy within the cell. This is where diet comes into place as our bodies do not produce all the antioxidants needed to protect it from the damaging effects of free radicals. Normal diet alone does not provide enough antioxidants but the right food supplement which has the full spectrum of nutrients including antioxidants are needed to proactively prevent illness or heal an illness.

This is why we are here, to help you maintain optimal health so that our bodies will remain in a state of wellness, avoiding the state of weakness and more seriously, the state of illness.

Dato Mervin Paul
Co- Founder & CEO
Pharm Nutricia Wellness Centre

Dato Mervin Paul is the co- founder and CEO of Pharm Nutricia wellness centre.

To further the advancement of a healthy world through alternative medication, he determines the best options for treatment of chronic illness and diseases.

Datin Angeline Thobias
Pharm Nutricia Wellness Centre