It was 2005. One of the most common end-stage complications of diabetes, chronic kidney disease (CKD), had finally caught up with him — twenty years later — in spite of the fact that he tried to control his wide blood glucose swings with oral diabetic medications and insulin injection therapy. (He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the young age of 21).

Mid 2007, he was brought to the center. His face-to-face meeting was made possible only because he was kept in the dark about the meeting. You see, he was one stubborn man; and his mind was practically shut tight to anything "alternative." In fact, it's not far from the truth to say he'd already given up hope to regain his health.

Today, his diet is a simple one (balanced and in moderation). He has cut down consumption of red meat, sugary and high-fat foods; and added lots of greens. And he's been maintaining his weight at about 70 kg. Within months of the highly active micro-nutrients, he was able to normalize his blood glucose level and he has maintained it till now.

Solving the Mysteries of Diabetes Mellitus
"Felt like I'm dying!"
... G.Perl, 41 year old, male, Type 2 Diabetes

It was a sad moment that day when Emma was sent home (to die). She had already started making her last wishes, mentally.

Emma was so weak she had to be carried into the center, late 2007. "The doctor said ... I am ... dying," Emma sobbed out uncontrollably.

Fast forward six months later, she weighs in at a healthy 60kgs, bursting with energy, Emma couldn't feel better. Endoscopy was done ... yes, there's no more blockage. To her astonishment, the stomach tumor had shrunk. All that was left was a pea-sized shadow [indicating the presence of a cyst], which was subsequently treated under the knife — at the request of her doctor.

Feeling motivated, her body started to respond positively. Plus with the help of the highly active micro-nutrients, it got the healing process rolling almost immediately. Her energy level upped; she felt stronger each passing day; andeventually even her tumor shrunk away!

Reversing Carcinogenesis & Healing Cancer
"One fine morning the doctor broke the distressing news about my ill health. Shortly after, she dropped the bomb-shell... I've just got three months to live!!!"
... Emma, 48 year old, female, Advanced Esophagogastric Cancer